Central Business District Revitalization Project

A great community turnout for the Town’s Downtown Revitalization project community meeting held on January 26, 2017.  A copy of the presentation is available here.

Appomattox Central Business District Revitalization Project

The Town of Appomattox has been selected by the Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development (VDHCD) to receive $35,000 in planning grant funding to initiate improvement activities that will enhance the physical appearance within the Town’s downtown business district.  The downtown business district, for the purpose of this project is defined as that area between Confederate Blvd, Court, Main, and Church Streets.  The Town of Appomattox Downtown Revitalization Plan will recommend activities to be carried out and will serve as the foundation for a construction application to VDHCD in March, 2017.

First Appomattox Downtown Revitalization Project Activities

Complete the Economic Restructuring Plan, a marketing and economic guide document, and a detailed physical inventory of the business district; results will be presented to the Appomattox community in September, 2016. Appomattox Downtown Revitalization Project – First Activities Fact Sheet

Appomattox Business & Merchant Survey (click here for survey)

There is still time to participate; your valuable input is needed.  All business, merchants and property owners are asked to complete this vital project survey to assist in outlining current economic trends and which will serve as the basis considering future marketing and economic development strategies that will benefit our business owners and the Town.  Please return the surveys to the Town Office by August 19th.

Consumer Interest Survey

When:  July 6 – July 15, 2016
What:  Short survey for local residents, workers, stakeholders
How:  Online Survey or Paper copy (click here)
Prize:  All participants that turn in a survey by July 15th are eligible for local prizes.

Physical Inventory Survey

When:  June – August, 2016

What:    An inventory of open spaces, parking, buildings in the Town’s downtown or central business district

Project Management Team

The Appomattox Downtown Revitalization Project is being managed by a Project Management Team, a group of area citizens who will guide the implementation of the project. The Town has also enlisted two agencies to assist with the project.  Community Planning Partners, Incorporated (CPP), a Richmond-based firm with extensive experience with Virginia towns to develop successful revitalization programs, will guide the Appomattox Restructuring Plan.  Region 2000 Local Government Council, the local Planning District Commission, will assist in the project administration and coordination with VDHCD.

Appomattox Downtown Revitalization Project – Project Management Team.

Community Visioning Session

A Community-wide Visioning Session was held Tuesday, June 21, 2016. Led by Craig Wilson, Community Planning Partners, a group of about 38 community stakeholders shared what was special and unique about Appomattox, outlined some of the concerns, and learned what other small communities in Virginia have done to beautify and expand the economic vitality of their community.   The Community Visioning Session marked the official kickoff to the approximate nine month downtown revitalization planning project. .DSC_0012 (2)

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