Named after the Appomattox River, the Town of Appomattox is located in the heart of Virginia, just three miles from the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park.  This is the site of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s surrender to Union General Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865, which helped to end the Civil War.

Before and during the Civil War, the town now known as Appomattox was named “Nebraska, VA,” and was the site of a railroad depot on the line between Petersburg and Lynchburg. It was the inconvenience of this railroad’s location to the original Appomattox Court House that led to the decline of the courthouse community.

In 1892, a fire destroyed the courthouse building and the county relocated it to the depot area, which officially became the county seat in 1894.  One year later, in 1895, the town was renamed to “West Appomattox.”

Excerpt from the Appomattox Heritage Book on incorporation of the Town of Appomattox
On June 2, 1925, a petition was presented to the Circuit Court by S. L. Ferguson, A. H. Clement, C. W. Smith and more than 20 other qualified voters stating that qualification had been met to incorporate the community to be known as ”The Town of Appomattox” with all the powers and privileges and duties conferred and appertaining to towns under the General Law of the State of Virginia.  The 642 acres were surveyed and mete and bounds noted. Other requirements were set forth, such as election of Town officers every 2 years on the second Tuesday in June, a Mayor, and 6 councilmen. The town council shall elect a treasurer, commissioner of revenue and employ a town clerk, a health and sanitary officer and other officers as my be necessary for the proper conduct of the government. The petition goes on to describe duties, etc. The Mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the town and it shall be his duty to see that the by-laws and ordinances are fully executed. The 1926-27 members of the town council were: Con Moses, C.T. Moses, A.H. Gregory, R. S. Wheeler, C. S. McDearmon, C. F. James. J. W. Cawthorn was appointed Mayor. Town Manager and attorney are unknown.

Source: Appomattox Heritage Book, 2001

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