Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Core Values & Leadership Philosophy

We will be recognized as a community that is cooperative, creative and conscientious that enhances the quality of life through planning and implementation in preparation for the future while maintaining our heritage.

We will provide a collaborative, courteous, friendly environment where citizens, elected officials and governmental bodies strive for shared excellence in leadership, governance, insightful planning and timely implementation. With properly managed and balanced growth we will provide opportunities and benefits for all community citizens in education, employment, and quality of life.

Trustworthiness ~~ Family/Community ~~ Quality of Life ~~ Cooperation ~~ Open-mindedness ~~ Dedication ~~ Heritage ~~ Integrity

We are here to completely support individually and as a council the vision, mission and values. We will work with all citizens to reach the goal of shared excellence in the Town of Appomattox. We are accountable to the citizens and will be available to them to move toward needed constant change and improvement. We will support existing businesses to grow and be able to maintain their commerce while also striving to bring new businesses and industry to our area. We will work to recognize the talents and unique abilities of all while cooperating in trust and open communication to enhance quality of life in our town.

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