Considering Paying Your Appomattox Water/Sewer Bills Online?

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Considering Paying Your Appomattox Water/Sewer Bills Online?


I was standing in a line at our DMV office when someone mentioned that recently the water/sewer bills were lost somewhere in the mail. 

And immediately someone else spoke up and said something like, “…the best way to pay your water/sewer bill is online—that way, you know it gets paid and you also get an email receipt to prove you paid it.

Very quickly, someone else in line said, “Well, I’m not gonna pay an extra 5% just to pay it online.

As it turns out, my job gives me a close and accurate look at all the details mentioned in that conversation. 

So, we thought it would be helpful to share those details because many people don’t have a lot of experience paying a bill online. 

And others are hesitant to try paying the bill online.  It can be scary before you try it; it’s good to know the details. 


Here are the facts:

  1. If you pay your bill at the town office, put it in the night drop, or mail in the bill there are no additional charges—other than a postage stamp or the gas and time needed to get to the office.  A $100 bill costs exactly $100.


  1.  If you pay your Appomattox water/sewer bill online, one of two extra charges is added, depending on whether you pay with an e-check or credit/debit card.  
    Both charges are fees paid to a bank.

    1. If you pay with an e-check there is a flat fee of S1.95 added to you bill.  
      So, for example, a $100.00 water bill paid with an e-check will actually cost you $101.95.

    2. If you pay with credit or with debit card there is 2.95% added to you bill.  
      So, for example, a $100.00 water bill paid with an e-check will actually cost you $102.95.

    3. Comparing these two methods of paying a $100.00 bill;
      the person paying with a credit card pays $1 dollar more than
      using an e-check.

    4. The question we hear often is which way is cheaper?  
      Here are two general guidelines:
      1. If your bill is $67 or more, it is cheaper to pay by e-check
      2. If your bill is less than 67 dollars, it’s cheaper to pay by credit or with debit card.
    5. One more thing...people often ask, "Why a fee is charged at all?  
      Other places don't charge fees to use a e-check or credit card"  

      While it is true that many places that accept credit/debit cards do not charge a separate fee, often that fee is already included in the purchase price of the item.

Paying online does significantly reduce the amount of office processing time for each bill. 

And considering there are more than 1000 paper bills mailed each month, we have many opportunities to reduce that number.

Online transactions take about a minute to process--the other methods typically--five to ten minutes to physically process a bill payment.

A final consideration, if you have a worries about getting sick while around other people or have a difficult time climbing steps you may consider three things paying online will save you:

  1. 20 steps going in and out of the building
  2. 15 or 20 minutes of your own time and
  3. Maybe a little gas.


Regardless of which way you pay we are always glad to have you stop by the town office. 
Just thought you might like to know the numbers or try here to pay online.