Downtown Revitalization Vision Becomes a Reality

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In 2017 Appomattox leaders began developing a vision for a revitalized downtown business sector and now that vision is near reality--and more. Launching in early 2020, (yes, right in the middle of the pandemic ) 19 local businesses joined together in a façade improvement program that's very much created a cooperative transition spirit inviting success, friendship, and fellowship to downtown.

 Today, there are thriving stores, niche stores, several delightful restaurants, and recently a sweet new dessert shop that draws visitors and residents from near and far. (We recommended all the ice cream and cookie combinations.)

You'll find comfortable benches, attractive streetlights, and see clear direction that Appomattox is moving well beyond a little downtown "face paint."  As you turn left from Main to Church Street, it's difficult to tell that you left Main at all. 

A wide, new ground level sidewalk, multiple handicapped accessible crossings, and ADA accessible ramps make it easy for everyone to enjoy one of the most beautiful blocks of downtown Appomattox.  

And by design, you'll quickly realize that you are still in a very friendly business district. The attractive streetlights, flags, and banners of Main Street extend right along your path on Church.

You may need to slow down and take another look at what's going on along Church Street (Speed Limit 25 mph).

Roll down your window and you're as likely to smell fresh pizza as fresh biscuits. But be careful looking around, there's glistening diamonds, fine jewelry, authentic clocks and watches along your path. It's safer to find parking and go the rest of the way on foot.

Turn left on Atwood, near the biscuit smell and you''ll discover a new paved, well-lighted parking lot with 25 spaces including two spacious handicapped areas.

Don't be surprised if time gets away from you while you're eating.  Good food in a friendly town tends to make us forget the time. But don't rush off in a hurry, if you're lucky there may just be a local talent play going on close by. But even if it's not, we hope you'll come back to Appomattox real soon...