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As much as we disliked COVID, we learned that there are times when we should reduce face-to-face contact. And this new town web site does a great job of enabling us to meet that need, but we are sure you'll notice the new site provides much more than just checking that service box. And, regardless of whether you are using a phone, laptop, or desktop. You'll get the whole picture and all the information because the screen display will adjust to the screen size you are using. 

More people than ever are asking to communicate and conduct business online.  These days, neither topic nor age determines who uses the Internet; COVID broke that mold.  There is virtually no age barrier to who makes a doctor's appointment, texts grandkids, or orders their groceries online. 

Most people have discovered that technology will work for them.  And, it's no longer a matter of, "Can it be done? Online services have become a realistic expectation in social life, business, and government that should always be available.

Another online advantage is one that many take for granted, but others experience as a huge blessing.  Online service means you don't have to stand in lines, comingle with sick people, wait for scheduled office hours, walk up/down sloped parking lots, or climb the steep stairs into a building. For people dealing with sickness, disability, or just difficulty walking--these are major daily obstacles they can completely avoid with online services

From a savings perspective, online service is a big win for everyone. You save effort, exposure, and gas each month. The town reduces water-sewer bill processing time by more than 95% with each online payment.  The only down side to online processing is that you miss seeing the friendly, smiling faces at our customer service desk. But don't worry, online services will not be your only option. The town's employees will always take time to smile and help you with any need--even if it's only that you stopped by to see a reassuring, kind, and friendly face. We always want to provide a human touch with our businesses and residents.

Two-way text communication with town employees enters a new era as we add "Text-My-Gov" as the site's primary online text tool for customer service.  If your trash pickup is missed, water's standing in your yard, a streetlight's out, or most any other condition that needs reporting, "Text-My-Gov" enables you to make the report from the convenience of a wireless phone. In less than 30 seconds and without the need for downloading any APP, you can quickly send notification texts for common occurrence events, get fast responses, or even request a real human call back when that's what you need.
The service also provides us a new capability of only the contacting the affected customers. So, even though we love these new communication tools we won't be communicating more than necessary.

To sum up the new site, you'll find all the usual suspects:

  1. Quick online payments
  2. Permits & Forms that are logically arranged and easy to use
  3. Powerful calendar that enables you to filter and sort by your areas of need or interest
  4. News and Events that are current and information of what's going on now and in the near future.
  5. Directories, agendas, and meeting information for departments and government agencies
  6. Town Code 

Finally, please let us know if we are missing information or features that would benefit the public.

And check the site often for news and events coming to Appomattox!


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