Community Funding Assistance

Appomattox Town Council Policy for Community Funding Assistance


Purpose: In order for the Town Council of the Town of Appomattox to effectively allocate funding to outside agency requestors, this policy establishes guidelines and procedures for dealing with requests from legally recognized non-profit groups and organizations for funding. The policy is intended to ensure that all requests for funding are treated fairly and equally through the implementation of a standardized and transparent application, evaluation and approval process.


  • Requests for funding must be submitted via an application form, and decisions will be made on a yearly basis as to whether funding will be provided, subject to the availability of budgeted funds. 


  • Any group or organization which receives public funding is required to submit a financial statement before any funding is allocated. 


  • Town Council reserves the right to request a financial report after the event to account for the expenditure of those public funds. 


  • Applications for funding must be received by the specified date shown on the application in the month of January each year to be considered for that funding.


Exemptions: Nothing in this policy shall apply to law enforcement, fire department, emergency ambulance service, or a public safety entity which provides a service to the Town of Appomattox.